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Sea turtles abandon Twitter home equity incentive venture won tens of millions of dollars investment
Category:Dynamics    2016-07-27 14:33

This appearance, but high levels of handsome young man, has worked on Facebook, alibaba, Twitter, but to give up Twitter inviting equity incentive, after studying at Stanford postdoctoral, formed a technology company engaged in computer vision technology - his name is Wang Mengqiu, born in 1982, native of hangzhou (zhejiang).


In just the guest, the 2015 hangzhou overseas high-level talents, innovative entrepreneurship competition finals, hangzhou Wang Mengqiu of integrating "computer vision and intelligent control technology" project won the championship, and zhejiang people also will be his first single without hesitation - $15 million for the project.


Get two national secondary athletes certificate


The university four years in the four countries


Wang Mengqiu is now zero zero technology co., LTD., the founder of the infinite is a scientist in the field of artificial intelligence. His company, is to let the robot to be able to like people "see", and can according to the scene to take further action. In a few days ago in hangzhou overseas high-level talents innovation entrepreneurship competition finals on hangzhou, his project won the championship, got the zhejiang people's first single investment of $15 million.


"China's technology innovation in the field of computer engineering has been walking in the forefront of the world, our generation has a mission, to guide the new technology, make it a great world class company." Wang Mengqiu grown a little newborn calves are not afraid of tigers.


Wang Mengqiu, middle school, is a bit jealous of learning activists, 4 in hangzhou during the secondary school, he has won the high jump, the basketball national secondary athletes motion of the certificate. In 2000 he was admitted to Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics with excellent grades. But only read a semester, he dropped out after successively to New Zealand, Australia, the United States and other countries through college courses, the university four years in the four countries, and completed a master of computer science at Carnegie Mellon university in the United States, and to take 4 year completed a Stanford university computer doctoral programs.


Asked why from beihang dropped out, he said: "the high school, I want to stay away from the learning not a dull life. But after got into college, I found or is not the same as my ideal university." And abroad during the period of university, in the circumstance that does not have too much academic pressure, he can learn according to their own interests.